Limoux : méthode ancestrale

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Elaborated exclusively from the Mauzac grape, our Limoux méthode ancestrale’s secret resides in its exceptionally successful foam created under the old moon of March. This vintage with its delicate fruitiness, resembling the subtle honey-tinged yield of the orchard, and low alcohol content, draws its sweetness from the natural sugar of the grapes. It surely belongs on the most beautifully presented dinner tables.

Ideal with simple desserts that transport you back to your childhood, such as pancakes, waffles or apple pie.


Winegrower: Le Domaine La Louvière
Style: Sparkling wine
  AOP Limoux
Grapes: 100% Mauzac
Keeping: Partial fermentation, where the transformation of the natural dose of sugar into alcohol is incomplete.
Tasting Temperature: Serve at a temperature between 6° C and 10°C.
Degree of Alcohol: 7 %

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