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There are so many varieties of wine in quality, price and taste and more new wines based on new technology and methods is now available. It has become more complex to understand what am I really buying – is it industrial wine or wine made with passion and traditions from family driven wineyard. What, who is behind the fancy or old classic labels ? We will share with you a few facts of principal to how to distinguish between the wines, and what can you do to enjoy the pleasure of tasting and drinking wine.

How much wine do I really get for the amount of money I spend on a bottle?

Inden du åbner flasken er 30 kr. pr. flaske allerede brugt på noget, der ikke har noget at gøre med selv vinen, men er relateret til afgifter, glasflasken, proppen, etiketten, emballage, transport mv., det er dyrt at købe for billigt, eller retter sagt får man ikke helt det man kan forvente - hvis pris bliver det drivende i beslutningen.
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How to get the most out of your wine purchase?

Wine storage at home before serving Keep your wine in a cool, less humid and dark place. Make sure it is not exposed to sunlight. UV destroys wine. Preferably store wine in a wine fridge. If you don’t have a wine fridge – your fridge at home will also do fine. Serve your white wine at 10-12 C Serve your rosé at 8-10 C Serve your red wine at 16-18 ...
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How do I activate my senses in the best way before tasting?

Wine tasting technique Wine should not just be drunk. It should be tasted by including all your tasting senses. Ask for silence and focus your attention to your senses the next couple of minutes. Look at the colour if it is clear towards a white background. Smell the wine before and after you have swirled the wine glass. Smelling allows you to notice the difference on how the aromas are ...
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From vineyard to your living room

Production methods and storing methods during transportation and distribution Temperature fluctuations damage wine in case of longer storage during the transportation. Wines of Languedoc delivers wines directly from the vineyards to your home within approx. 11 days. Traditional or commercial delivery time is approx. 40-90 days from European vineyards and in case of overseas deliveries – add approx. 40 days more.  Quality wine from the vineyards do cost more, while ...
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Wine Box 0 (De Tre Aromaer)

DKK 844

Vingård: Château la Liquière
Indehold i smagskassen :
2 x Les Amandiers (Rødvin)
2 x Les Amandiers (Rosévin) 
2 x Les Amandiers (Hvidvin)